This is an example of an About page.


Example 1: The Professional Approach:


About the Company

Blog-spire was established in 2015 by web professional David Giant. Giant wanted to share the secrets to self-promotion and networking with everyone he could. The company started as a blog series, then in 2018 progressed to a video blog series. By 2020, Blog-spire was hosting workshops and online classes, had published eight books, and helped over thousands of successful companies and individuals.


Example 2: The Casual yet Collected Approach:

About David

David Giant grew up a typical homeschooled nerd. He graduated from High School with a 4.5 GPA at the age of 15, and got a Bachelors degree by the age of 17 in Computer Science and Technology. He then went on to North Carolina State University where he got a second undergraduate degree in Engineering. Deciding he was done with college, he started hanging out at his local coffee shop and playing video games, watching youtube videos, and writing about what he thought of them on his website. Eventually he established a name for himself, and others began asking him for help. The idea of Blog-spire was born.


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